Doing more with less.

In May 2015, we – founders Jake Fromer and Jeff Heil – set out to create quality goods for the modern consumer with no factory, no outsourcing and no big investment. Instead, we worked within our means, using a shared product design background and restless entrepreneurial drive to put together a product line of simple, premium leather goods made from a mix of high technology and classic handcraft techniques.

We believe in smart design, continuous product development, and efficient, local production. And always, we consider how we can do more with less.


Modern craft for the modern consumer.

We are flipping the script on traditional leather craftsmanship. Most handmade leather goods are bulky, hand cut and machine sewn. At Woolly, we design our products digitally, cut our leather with laser technology and then stitch and finish by hand. This mix of contemporary production and old school craft gives our products a distinct, modern look and a level of precision rarely seen in leather goods.


American goods made in Portland, OR.

We are part of the American-made craft movement. We’re embedded in Portland’s maker culture and we appeal to a new era of conscious consumers demanding high quality products made locally and responsibly. We design and produce our products ourselves in our Portland studio. Our leather comes from one of the last vegetable tanneries in the U.S. The leather is minimally treated with plant-based tanning agents in an age-old process that makes the material durable and resilient as it softens, stretches and patinas beautifully over time.