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Wallet of the Month

Wallet of the Month is a blog series that features inspirational people and the custom wallet we work with them to create.

Portland is a community that works together, values craft and things made with meaning.

Portland is a special city filled with amazing people.

Make something together that is inspired by us both to get somewhere new.

Together we're infusing a piece of their identity into the wallet, making it one of one from the moment it's made.

Erica Swanson, Founder, Tea Bar

Nolan Hirte, Founder, Proud Mary


“We used Woolly Made for our leadership group and the wallets were a real hit! Everyone was so agenuinely appreciative to get something they actually wanted to hold onto. We absolutely cannot wait to work with Woolly Made again!”

CC Woolfolk, Senior Executive Assistant, Intuit

“We had a great event and the wallets were every bit as popular as we expected, if not more so! They were absolutely stunning and the praise was unanimous. Thank you again for everything!”

Lila Miles, Executive Assistant Portland Timbers

“Woolly Made was an incredible partner that we enjoyed working with to create the perfect, unique client gifts. We were thrilled with the finished products and our clients were so impressed with the craftsmanship and the attention to detail. In addition to creating a superior product, the team was a delight to work with. They met our needs, were able to accommodate last minute requests, and really went above and beyond with customer service. We absolutely plan to use them again in the future!”

Maddy Stolowitz, Director of Corporate Philanthropy Andersen Construction