Wallet of the Month – Kastle Christensen

Wallet of the Month

Kastle Christensen, Model

Welcome to our brand blog series where we showcase Portland people doing cool things and the custom wallet their story inspired us to create just for them.

We think a wallet can be more than just a thing to stuff your cards and cash into. In fact, we think everyone deserves a wallet that brings them some joy, and even represents them in some way. And so we're kicking off our first 'Wallet of the Month' with an unlikely wallet owner – a very cool kid named Kastle.

Who is Kastle?

Kastle Christensen is 8 (actually he’s 7 but he turns 8 next month). He lives in North Portland and when he’s not in school he models for brands like Hanna Andersson, Fred Meyers, Umpqua Bank and Google. He likes 80’s rock, cheeseburgers, and skateboarding with friends. His favorite sport is basketball and apparently he's a real baller on the court – just like his favorite player Kyrie Irving.

We sat down at his house for an interview to get to know him. Here are some highlights:

Alright Kastle, so this is our first time interviewing someone. Have you done an interview before?

I've never interviewed before but I audition often for Hanna Andersson.

How’d you get the title ‘Creative Director of Coolness’?

My mom and my dad gave it to me 'cause I’m always doing cool stuff.

What are some things that make you unique?

I’m athletic, I like to explore, I have long curly hair and I’m tall for my age. 

What’s it like being a kid model?

I like being off school and not having to do homework. I also like the free snacks.

Do you ever get nervous behind the camera?


Tell us about your style. What do you usually wear?

I wear a lot of Nike stuff. I normally wear black and white unless I’m skating. Then I’ll wear bright colors.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? Something that means a lot to you?

Yes, this hat that used to be my uncle JoJo's. It says JUMP, the name of his company. He gave it to me before he died. 

Do you have a wallet currently?

I have four. I use one for gift cards, one for arcade cards, one for money and one for coins.

What other things do you carry with you?

I normally carry my skateboard, sunglasses, my raspberry (video game system) and a knife. I have a fishing knife, a pocket knife and a Swiss Army Knife. 

Any idea what you want to be when you grow up?

Basketball player.

How should people find out more about you?

@kastleabc on Instagram.

After the interview, we started sketching some ideas for a custom wallet designed just for him. Kastle’s cousin Seiji was home so she joined in.

Then we took it to the studio. Kastle helped us finish making the wallet. He's a real natural craftsman!

And here's the final product.

The theme is basketball, his favorite sport. On one side, we drew a court that pays tribute to his uncle JoJo – a beloved Portland native who recently passed and who also loved the sport. And since basketball players usually have nicknames, we added his (K money) all over the other side. Kastle chose natural leather on one side, black on the other and red stitching. 

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